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Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West, published 2018

  So, I was checking out P.S. I Like You from the library when next to it I saw this book. Since I’d read Kasie West in the past, I decided to take a chance and check this one out too. I was extremely disappointed in Kasie West. My expectations weren’t even that high to begin with, but this was the worst of her books that I’ve read. The characters were inconsistent and confusing, and the new take on the classic layout of a love story was choppy and unpredictable. While most things in this book weren’t to my taste, I still found that I was invested in it. I wanted to ditch it, but I needed to know what happened. Sadly, the ending did not redeem the book, it was slow to play out and confusing.   This book had some (and by some I mean a shockingly small amount) good parts, but it was mostly bad and annoying. It was hard to gauge exactly what was happening at any given point or what any of the characters were thinking or feeling. If you enjoy strongly mediocre books, bordering on jus

Winter (Evermore Academy #1) by Audrey Grey, published 2019

    Overall, this was not a great book. I liked the storyline and the writing style individually but the two did not mesh well together. The storyline was very dark and dismal while the writing style was lighthearted and fun.      I think the main character had an unrealistic and inconsistent lack of self-preservation which I believe the author added only to increase drama but it actually distracted from the storyline. I also found some scenes to be a bit wordy which made it hard to picture and understand what was going on. Since this is the first book out of a series, I expected somewhat of a cliffhanger ending. The author instead droned on and on towards the end of the book, tying up all loose ends and removing any motivation to read the next book.      So, I don't think I'll be reading the next book, and I don't think I'll be recommending this book to anyone. I'm disappointed to give this book such a drowsy review, especially because I really like the writing