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Ungifted by Gordon Korman, published 2012

This is one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. I really enjoyed it, despite the lower reading level. (Let me clarify, this is a juvenile fiction book. Not a kid’s book, but more written for 3rd graders.) I liked the ups and downs, the predictable unpredictability, how you were always on edge, but massively content with where you were sitting in the book at the same time.  I read this just a few weeks ago, but I still think about it a lot. Books designed for younger kids have a larger theme, or more outstanding moral story, than books written for adults. This book changed the way I think solely because of that. I think we should all pick up a juvenile fiction book once and while, we might learn something. (Or we might not, who are we kidding?) I fully recommend this book and I might read some other books of his, but let’s be honest I read so many Gordon Korman books while in elementary, it’s funny that I haven’t read this one until now. 

Crave by Tracy Wolff, published 2020

This is a blatant Twilight knockoff, and I have deeply mixed feelings about it. For starters, I didn’t like the writing style; I felt it didn’t match the main character's personality. Once I got past that, I was confronted with the first half of this book. The first half is completely different from the second half, in my opinion, so I’m going to tackle them one at a time. In the beginning half of this book, the main character was annoying, clueless, and to be quite frank, dumb. She was clearly missing obvious red flags that were waving around right beneath her nose, and it ticked me off that she was that deep in denial. I mean, c’mon, even the boys I go to school with aren’t that stupid.  Anyway, moving on to the second half of this book. I gotta say, the second half blew my mind. It’s so dynamic, action packed, the perfect balance of everything. I could not put this book down once I read the second half.  Balancing it out, the first half got one star and the second hal