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Clique Bait by Ann Valett, published 2020

  I loved this book, all around. Everything was perfectly planted; everything had a reason for being included. It was fun to predict what was going to happen and when major plot-changing bombs were dropped, you were either shocked out of your mind, or smug because you knew it was going to happen. Coming up with theories on how the ending was going to play out was the best, similar to a mystery. But it’s not a mystery, it’s just mysterious.  Trying to describe the genre is hard. It’s definitely a romance, but it’s not just a romance. I get that its also realistic fiction, but it feels like there should be more to it than that. But like I said, it’s not mystery, not horror or thriller, it’s nowhere near being a fantasy or sci-fi. If revenge is a genre, that would fit. It’s a romance-revenge. It’s also kind of a finding-yourself book.  I think the concept is genius and perfectly executed. It had the right balance between sweet romance filled moments and crazy, revenge seeking moment