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The Selection by Kiera Cass, published 2012

     This book was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The spin on the basic love triangle was interesting, especially when not a lot of romance books have a love triangle these days. The pace was quick enough that you weren’t falling asleep, but slow enough that you weren’t scrambling to keep up. I also appreciated that the author didn't go overboard with the dystopia setting.      I liked the characters a lot, however, I wish the author had dug a little deeper into their personalities, which is why I took off the star. Other than that though, I don't have a lot of criticisms regarding this book. I'd definitely recommend it and will be reading the next book.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, published 2013

     5 stars. I loved, loved, loved the characters. So much. The main character especially, I loved her. Her perseverance and spitefulness was so fun and relatable. I could keep rambling about how amazing the characters were, but I think you get it.     If I’m nitpicking, I didn't like how oblivious the main character was to the affections of the two men after her though. I feel like if she had acknowledged it a bit more, then this book would've been even more of a home run. The dystopian theme wasn’t overwhelming, and I loved how the author let the fantasy aspect of the story shine.     Anyway, great book, great characters. And I mean it, this is a very good book if you want something simple that you don't have to get really into and  it leaves you just satisfied enough. I won’t be reading the next one, but I would still 100% recommend this book.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, published 2011

     I picked this book up because it had really great reviews. But I'm not going to lie, I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. I felt like the main characters didn't click as well as they should, and I'm not sure what to make out of the bad-guy-also-seeming-like-a-good-guy thing. Some of the writing choices also left me unsatisfied.     In the beginning, the main character thought in poems. This made her seem like she was complex and you would slowly unravel her character throughout the book, but that didn’t happen and I don't think it will in future books. She was slightly insane at the beginning, so I thought that maybe her poem-like thoughts symbolized her insanity, but if anything, she just got more insane as the book went on while the poems completely stopped for no apparent reason.      The ending also didn't do it for me. The cliffhanger wasn't much of a cliffhanger, and I was disappointed that I didn't feel more compelled to read the nex

Winter (Evermore Academy #1) by Audrey Grey, published 2019

    Overall, this was not a great book. I liked the storyline and the writing style individually but the two did not mesh well together. The storyline was very dark and dismal while the writing style was lighthearted and fun.      I think the main character had an unrealistic and inconsistent lack of self-preservation which I believe the author added only to increase drama but it actually distracted from the storyline. I also found some scenes to be a bit wordy which made it hard to picture and understand what was going on. Since this is the first book out of a series, I expected somewhat of a cliffhanger ending. The author instead droned on and on towards the end of the book, tying up all loose ends and removing any motivation to read the next book.      So, I don't think I'll be reading the next book, and I don't think I'll be recommending this book to anyone. I'm disappointed to give this book such a drowsy review, especially because I really like the writing