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Tweet Cute by Emma Lord, published 2020

  I cannot begin to properly convey how cute this book is. It had me smiling and giggling, I absolutely loved it. The characters were loveable, and I really felt connected with them, like I’d slowly gotten to know them better over the course of the book.  However, I felt like some of the parts were unnecessary and confusing. The ending tripped me up because it kind of went from being a romance to a mystery novel? It seemed like the author started with this really great concept, but laid down some really weird, completely unrealistic plot points, and then went back and tried to fix it. For example, something weird would happen, and then the author kind of used that to fix something else, then used that to fix the original weirdness. It was a bit stressful trying to connect the dots. But, all in all, this is a good book. I liked the play on meet-cute that the author cut into the title. That made me smile a little. I recommend it to anyone looking for a really adorable book. You can

The Selection by Kiera Cass, published 2012

     This book was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The spin on the basic love triangle was interesting, especially when not a lot of romance books have a love triangle these days. The pace was quick enough that you weren’t falling asleep, but slow enough that you weren’t scrambling to keep up. I also appreciated that the author didn't go overboard with the dystopia setting.      I liked the characters a lot, however, I wish the author had dug a little deeper into their personalities, which is why I took off the star. Other than that though, I don't have a lot of criticisms regarding this book. I'd definitely recommend it and will be reading the next book.

Roque Princess by B.R. Myers, published 2020

    I think this book deserves 4.5 stars. I would give it 5 but my hesitation comes from me thinking the book would get 3 stars while I was reading it. There were lulls in the book that had me filled with doubt and therefore I don’t think it deserves the full 5 stars. The only reason the rating was upped so much is because the ending wrapped up so perfectly.  As a disclaimer, I found that many of the scenes I was picturing were insanely close to scenes in Avatar and Star Wars. So if you haven’t seen those movies, I wonder if some of the scenes would be hard to picture. Or maybe it’d be better if you haven’t seen those movies because I found the sci-fi and fantasy conflicted with one another. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional, but at times the flip-flopping of genres got a bit choppy. In addition to sci-fi and fantasy, this is also a really cute romance. If you usually don’t like romance, I would still recommend this book because the romance isn’t an overpowering factor. Also, if

The Perfect Escape by Suzanne Park, published 2020

  I gave this book 4 stars because some of the plot points were so out there, I felt it needed to get reigned in a bit. I know it’s fiction, but it bordered so hard between realistic fiction and science fiction and the outcome was a bit wishy washy. The plot needed to make up its mind and decide between full-blown sci-fi and realistic fiction.            Despite a few lulls, this book is actually really funny. The awkward, quirky personas the characters possessed made it hilarious. I wished it went on a little more, not just because the writing style and character development were amazing, but because the ending left me unsatisfied. I’m not sure if this is purposeful or not, but why the ending was wrapped up so quickly when there were some problems the author left unsolved confused me. The author is new and this is one of her first published books, so I decided it wasn’t a big deal. Other than that, it’s a good book. It’s a romance, but it’s not like, full-blown hard core romance.