Ungifted by Gordon Korman, published 2012

This is one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. I really enjoyed it, despite the lower reading level. (Let me clarify, this is a juvenile fiction book. Not a kid’s book, but more written for 3rd graders.) I liked the ups and downs, the predictable unpredictability, how you were always on edge, but massively content with where you were sitting in the book at the same time. 

I read this just a few weeks ago, but I still think about it a lot. Books designed for younger kids have a larger theme, or more outstanding moral story, than books written for adults. This book changed the way I think solely because of that. I think we should all pick up a juvenile fiction book once and while, we might learn something. (Or we might not, who are we kidding?) I fully recommend this book and I might read some other books of his, but let’s be honest I read so many Gordon Korman books while in elementary, it’s funny that I haven’t read this one until now. 


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