Thriller and Horror Book Authors to Check out

I know I normally don't post stuff that isn't a review of a book, but I thought with Halloween coming up, you might appreciate if I, your favorite reviewer, named some authors to go read. Before I do that, I recommend the Mara Dyer series, some thriller novels that I loved.

Peg Kehret: She's very mild, and I recommend her books for elementary school students. It's been a long time since I've been in elementary though, so I'm not quite up with her latest stuff. I mean, I did read a few of her books, and they weren't that scary. 

Mary Downing Hahn: She's my favorite thriller author. I cannot even tell you how many of her books I've read. She got me through the late years of elementary and middle school. My favorite book of hers is Took. 

Stephen King: The King. (See what I did there?) I haven't read many of his books, but I can identify him as a horror author. The King is also The Scariest. (I assume, I don't have much to judge him against.) I imagine if you put horror novels on a spectrum, he would be a 10. By this logic, I deem Peg Kehret a 2, and Mary Downing Hahn a 6, just you have an idea. 

Now, I'm not going to lie, those are the only authors I've read for thriller and horror novels, but a quick Google search compelled me to list these people who I've never read before, and probably never will. Dean Koontz (With a last name like that, why aren't we all reading his stuff?), Anne Rice, Mylo Carbia, Peter Straub, Jonathan Maberry, Clive Barker, and last but not least, Ramsey Campbell. Thank you copy and paste, and with my parting word, I ask you to comment if my first attempt at posting a not-a-review has gone well. Happy Halloween!


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