Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, published 2005

     This book is amazing. I was a little worried going in that the reputation pumped it up to be more than it's worth, but I did a total 180 when I got into it. At first, the setting seemed to be a bit bland, not really matching the rest of the story. Once you get deeper though, it's the perfect setting and I really can't picture this story taking place anywhere else.

    I was really looking forward to reading this story, and the ending made me wish that I had checked the rest of the series from the library. I love how the fantasy didn't overtake the book and really let the romance aspect of the book shine. My only problem is that I felt like they declared their true love for each other a bit early in the book. It caught me off guard, but I'm so happy that they found each other and are in love. Also, at times I wished I knew what Edward was thinking, and I’m super disappointed that they didn't add some chapters that were from his perspective. 

    This book is a definite reread, but I think I want to reread it after I've watched the movies. It's always fun to go through and compare the two. 


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